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Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2014 Honda CB1000R
Sometimes muscle is the name of the game, and that’s where the Honda CB1000R comes in. No other machine offers this level of performance combined with a comfortable, do-it-all riding position and an off-the-charts sense of style. What makes this supersport motorcycle stand out from the rest? Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda designed the CB1000R with a special chassis that puts the 998cc engine out front and center, allowing the rider to sit more upright. The result: This machine is one of the most versatile open-class sportbike motorcycles the world has ever seen.

Built with a 998cc DOHC inline-four engine, the CB1000R offers plenty of torque and power for street riding. And with a four-cylinder, it’s a smooth ride for longer rides as well. Rather than cover up the muscular engine, Honda designers left it open front and center for all to admire. And every rider can agree – stripped bikes just look cool. The styling touches don’t stop there. The street bike motorcycle shows off with a single-sided swingarm, gravity die-cast aluminum mono-backbone frame, 43mm inverted fork and lowboy-style muffler.

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